Plant-Crop Protection

Details of contact person: 
Name: Martine Maes Function: scientific director Email: Phone number: 09.2722474 Fax number: 09.2722429
Infrastructure description: 
- plant extraction technology - L2-Q biosafety labs and facilities - facility for molecular detection and identification (PCR, Q-PCR, RT-Q-PCR, sequencing), for genome profiling (diversity and epidemiological studies) - experience with whole genome sequence analysis of bacteria for identification of barcode regions and pathogenicity features - software programs (BioNumerics, Vector NTI, Sequencing Analysis, MEGA…) - B-net: a research network on plant-associated bacteria (ILVO, UGent Laboratory of Microbiology, BCCM-LMG bacteria Collection, Straininfo webportal)
Institution name: 
Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research - ILVO
Postal address: 
Burg. Van Gansberghelaan 96, 9820 Merelbeke
Research activities related to DNA barcoding: 
Our barcoding program first focuses on plant-pathogenic quarantine (Q) bacteria for Europe and is embedded in the FP7-QBOL project ( In order to deliver reliable barcodes, we study the taxonomic and biological identity of a set of Q-bacteria, in comparison with other pathologically and taxonomically related strains. Several Q-bacteria are known to be heterogenic species complexes and others are named as pathovars, which is a special purpose classification on the basis of a pathological feature. There is no single gene in bacteria with conserved sequences for amplification and providing enough sequence resolution for identification. More than one barcode region is needed, located in core and accessory genes. In the future, we will extend the range of bacteria for barcoding to other non-Q pathogens and non-pathogenic epiphytes and endophytes.
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