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Training course on RNA-seq data analysis

The University of Naples Federico II in collaboration with ELIXIR-ITA is pleased to inform you that the applications for the upcoming training course on RNA-seq data analysis are now open.

Course date: 7-10 June 2016.

Deadline for applications: 01 May 2016.

Venue: CSI IT Rooms, Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici, Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, via Porta di Massa, 1, 80133 Naples, Italy.

A maximum of 25 candidates will be selected based on their research profile. Notifications of acceptance will be sent shortly after the closing date of registration.

Full details on program, venue and registration available here

Course Lecturer: Brian J. Haas (Broad Institute, Cambridge, MA, USA)

Course description

This course will be addressed to researchers who are working or are planning to work on RNA-seq data from non-model species and will be centered on the Trinity software suite for the de novo transcriptome assembly and analysis. The course will be delivered by the lead developer of the Trinity software Dr. Brian Haas (the Broad Institute, USA) and by tutors from the University of Naples Federico II, the Institute of Genetics and Biophysics "Adriano Buzzati-Traverso" and the University of Rome La Sapienza. The course will be held in english and it will last four days. It will consist of theoretical lessons and practical exercises on transcriptome assembly, structural and functional annotation and differential expression analysis. The course is not designated for hardcore bioinformaticians; however, participants are requested to have a basic understanding of the BASH command line and the Linux operative system. We expect that the participants are life scientists who have already produced RNA-seq data, or that are planning to use such a technology and are looking for the best practice to analyze these type of data. The participants are invited to bring their own laptops and are requested to be able to connect to EDUROAM WIFI network (ask your IT department; if you are not affiliated with a participating institution, please let us know).Participants with limited UNIX/Linux experience will be provided with basic understanding of the command-line operations on the first day of the course.

Previous calls (closed).

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