Tassel mini-workshop

While waiting for the TASSEL workshop (RBINS 15-17 September 2015), the JEMU team organised a one-afternoon-introductory-session on the analysis of GBS (genotype by sequencing) data on Wendesday 24th of June 2015. Benoit Durieu (ULg) and Nathalie Smitz (JEMU) showed a few practical examples on how to run a TASSEL pipeline on GBS data. Click here to view the slides of the presentation.

Where: the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, (room “Gerlache"), Brussels, Belgium.
When: 24 June 2015 at 13:30 (meeting in the entrance hall of the Museum at 13:20).
Registration was free but mandatory via an email to the organisers.
Who: JEMU is currently investigating the GBS population structure the African buffalo (Syncerus caffer) in the framework of a collaborative project co-financed by the University of Liege.
Why: molecular biology is rapidly evolving towards Next Generation Sequencing. TASSEL represents one of the main softwares for the analysis of GBS data. This mini-workshop will provide a nice opportunity to see how the bioinformatics pipeline can be applied on a specific dataset.


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