Genetic Diversity

Details of contact person: 
Name: Joachim Mergeay Function: Research group leader Email: Phone number: +32 499 942 942
Infrastructure description: 
The research group is not specifically focused on a taxonomic group; instead we study genetic aspects of biological conservation for a wide range of organisms. We have DNA sequencing facilities (PCR machines, DNA extraction robot, ABI 3500 capillary DNA sequencer) and dedicated technical staff to operate the machines.
Institution name: 
Research Institute for Nature and Forest (INBO)
Postal address: 
Gaverstraat 4, 9500 Geraardsbergen
Research activities related to DNA barcoding: 
We generate DNA barcodes from a range of non-model organisms in the framework of phylogenetic and phylogeographic research, as well as for verification of species identity when cryptic species are known/suspected, or when morphological discrimination is likely inadequate, or when environmental samples (water, faeces, ...) are taken that hold DNA of unknown origin that needs to be identified.
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