Research Group Phycology

Details of contact person: 
Name: Olivier De Clerck Function: Associate Professor Email: Phone number: 092648500 Fax number: 092648599
Infrastructure description: 
Taxonomic expertise: photosynthetic protists (marine macroalgae, green algae) Sequencing facility: Centre for Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution (a shared facility between Dept. Biology and Microbiology at Ghent University)
Institution name: 
Ghent University
Other information : 
Expertise in algorithmic species delineation, bioinformatics and data handling from high throughput sequencing (SOLID, Solexa and Roche 454).
Postal address: 
Krijgslaan 281 S8, 9000 Gent
Research activities related to DNA barcoding: 
Given problems with cryptic diversity in marine macroalgae, our identifications rely exclusively on generated barcodes (tufA, rbcL for most green algae; psbA and COI for brown algae; rbcL and COI for red algae). Data are subsequently used in biogeographical, systematic or large scale macroevolutionary studies. For phylogenetic purposes we usually concatenate several genes (e.g. Cocquyt et al. MBE 2010).
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